Hanna Foster Parents

A support group for foster parents in Hanna and surrounding area.

What’s it like to Foster?

Little Feet, Little Minds

They come into our lives one small child at a time,

Always scared and lonely and wondering what they’ll find.

Their minds so full of questions and their eyes full of fear,

Always listening closely just to see what they can hear.

Once someone’s little angel sent from heaven up above Now battered, bruised and broken and only wanting love. You offer them affection just to see them pull away,

But you keep on trying, every single day.

A child is like a garden – without love, it won’t grow. But give it to them daily and soon it starts to show. You see a little sparkle in eyes once filled with fear, You hear a little laugh that sounds oh-so-dear. Once someone’s little angle, now ours for awhile, That gives us hugs and kisses and a big, warm smile.

Now all those deep dark secrets they’ve kept locked up inside, They start to tell them to you, a little at a time.

As you sit and listen to the words they say, You ask yourself, “how come life turns out this way?” Now the days are passing by and all their fears are too.

You hope you’ve made a difference with all you say and do, And you know you have when you hear “I love you”.

It makes it all worthwhile when bedtime comes at night, And you get those hugs and kisses when you turn out the light. Now as the love inside grows more and more each day, The call you knew was coming finally comes your way.

They’re coming to get the angel that someone threw away,

Now your heart is breaking because you know that they can’t stay. As you pack the memories that all of you have made,

You gently wipe away the tears streaming down your face. And as you place each item a reflection you will see, Of the child as they are today and how they used to be.

Once again the house falls silent of tiny little feet, Gently, softly running, playing hide and seek.

Even though you’re leaving, in our hearts you’ll always stay In a special place, safely locked away.

God Bless all little angels sent from heaven up above.

May they all find families, filled with happiness and love.

FASD Support Group

The South Central FASD Committee presents a Video Learning Series.
Meetings are held on the first Wednesday of every month form 7:00-9:00 p.m. at the Hanna Learning Centre downstairs boardroom. The purpose of these meetings is to provide support and information to families with children with FASD or other behaviour problems. Caregivers and interested community members are also welcome.
For more information please contact Lori Loran 403-854-5852 or Dawn Campbell 403-854-2099, Ext. 221.
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