Hanna Community Band

Beginner Band – Thursday nights 6 PM to 7 PM (Regional Community Services Bldg – band room)

Intermediate Band – Thursday nights 7 PM to approx 8:30 PM (Regional Community Services Bldg – band room)

Latest BAND News!

The Hanna & District Community Band are always looking for new members, especially in the percussion area. Percussion isn’t just about playing the drums – it’s about learning to play the snare drum, bass drum, timpani, bongos, monkey drum, orchestra bells, woodblocks, claves, cymbals, xylophone, rhythm sticks, tambourine, sleigh bells, chiquita shakers, maracas, castanets, zither, triangle, rain stick, latin percussion cabasa & vibra slap, musical washboard, chimes, cowbell, congas, piano.

If you used to play flute, piccolo, clarinet, oboe, saxophone, trombone, trumpet, tuba, percussion or any other band instrument in high school, and are wondering what to do on a Thursday night, then dust off your old band instrument and join us for some fun!  Newcomers welcome!

For further information on the Hanna & District Community Band, please contact:

Jennifer Laux at 854-3451 (evenings)

Adrian Mohl at 843-4512 (evenings)



The Hanna & District Community Band started out in Sept 2003 as an after-school student band, which was called the J.C. Charyk Extra-Curricular Concert Band, consisting of approximately 22 school students ranging from Grade 4 to Grade 9.  This volunteer school based band program was very successful for 2 years with the students, and the organizers wanted to be able to extend the benefits of the band program to others in the community.

In April 2005 the JCC Band volunteers & organizers wanted to introduce the Hanna community to a Community Band format, which would provide the musical opportunity for both adults and students to learn to play an instrument.  In May 2005, many people approached the band volunteers after the JCC Band year-end concert stating that they used to play an instrument when they were younger, and looked forward to the opportunity to play with the students in the Community Band. The current JCC band students (who consisted of 1st year & 2nd year band students) would be able to be mentors & teachers to other students and adults who would be learning a new instrument. These current band students would be able to share their musical talents and skills to bring joy and happiness to others. It’s something that the entire family could do together, from moms & dads to kids & grandparents.

September 2005 saw the inception of the Hanna & District Community Band.  The Community Band provides the opportunity for a greater range of people (both students and adults) to learn to play an instrument. There are many people in Hanna who have not played their instruments in years, but through involvement with the Community Band, they can rediscover the enjoyment of playing in a fully instrumented band, and experience the pleasure once again of performing in public. The Community Band also provides the vehicle that gives former musicians an opportunity to relive their old band days and preserve valuable fine arts training, in addition to musical and mental stimulation & challenges, great physical exercise, and social interaction.

The Hanna & District Community Band had the great pleasure of performing the music for the Stage Hanna musical production of “The Sound of Music” in November 2006.  It was 6 consecutive nights of awesome musical theatre with a standing ovation each night.  The members of the band involved with this production say it was a chance of a lifetime, and they’d do it again in a heart beat – it was SO much fun to be involved with.  There hadn’t been a musical in Hanna for over 30 years, and with the interest generated from “The Sound of Music”, it is obvious that music truly touches people in ways that nothing else can.

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