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PLAY! Lots of activities to explore together, from art to cooking to gym sessions.
LEARN! about your child’s development and get help with common parenting issues.
CONNECT! with other parents, resources and agencies

Our interactive programs are staffed by trained parent and family coaches who have set up fun learning and play activities for you and your child to participate in. Take advantage of their many ideas and parent link resources for and support you in your very important role as parents.

Our main location is Hanna Centennial Place, 501B 3rd Street West, Hanna, AB T0J 1P0. Please don´t hesitate to phone or email if you have any parenting questions or concerns and we will be happy to meet with you.


Other locally available programs for families

Health Region Early Childhood Programs:

A trained Early Childhood Nurse can provide education and one-on-one support for parents of young children as well as growth and development assessments and appropriate referrals:
Crib Talk – postnatal education classes.
Well Baby Clinics – immunization and consultation for infants, preschoolers and adults. Contact your Community Health Centre in Hanna  854-5236

Speech/Language Pathologist 854-5265.

Community Nutritionist (403) 740-8102

Children and Youth Services (403) 823-1767

Family and Community Support (FCSS): Providing family support through sports, culture and leisure activities in your community.   KidSport available so all kids can play. Questions about Family Community Support Services, call 854-4433.

Healthy Families: A free and voluntary program specifically designed to meet your family’s needs during the critical years of your child’s early childhood. Call toll free at 1-866-556-4122

Building Blocks hosted by the Hanna Literacy Program offers an in-home literacy program for children 0-6 sharing ideas about reading and learning. For more information, please call 854-2099.

Kiddies Korner Playschool  854-2155


Alberta’s Parent Link Centres

Building Blocks

Family and Community Supports Services

Healthy Families

Kiddies Korner Playschool

Town of Hanna

Hanna & Delia
Golden Prairie Parent LINK


Play! Learn! Connect!

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Parent Link Centres are community hubs that make important connections for parents with local community resources to deal with children’s development and behavioural concerns, to help strengthen parenting skills or to meet and talk with other parents.

Hanna & Delia Parent and Family Coach

Join us for FREE, fun programs and resources for families with children 0 to 6 years old, parenting sessions 0 to 12 years old: Tip Sheets on common parenting issues for 0 to 18 years old.

Find us at – monthly calendars and the latest info on events. Click on the Hanna & Delia Tab at the top of the web page.

FACEBOOK Explore “Hanna Parents and Tots” group for local networking & event info. Hanna & Delia Parent LINKs page has helping links to parenting information.

(Non affiliated page) There is also a ”Hanna Moms” group on Facebook that helps Moms connect within the community and stay informed of weekly activities and events.

Find out how your child is doing – Ages and Stages QuestionnaireASQ

  • FREE & CONFIDENTIAL. The Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ & ASQ-Social Emotional) checklists are available to parents with children 0-6 years of age to help give your child the best start for the first 2000 days!
  • Fill out the form ONLINE by clicking on the ASQ Tab and following the links
  • Receive age appropriate activities, resources and referrals to local agencies.
  • Or to get your paper copy call/text Shauna at 403-857-9553 or Marcy at 403-854-8800.

Find us at– please check regularly for monthly calendars and updates of events. For Hanna & Delia  region just click on the button on the left side of the home page.

News and Programs



Triple P programming helps you deal positively with your child’s behaviour. Ask us for information on our tip sheets for common problems, seminars and group sessions. You can have a more peaceful, manageable family life. See our website and follow the links for more details. Current sessions will be posted and the Hanna & Delia tab.

FREE Programming for all families!!! Find us at– please check regularly for monthly calendars and updates of events. For Hanna & Delia  region just click on the top menu button on home page.

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